NIGHT of the JUMPs is back with the first competition after the Lockdown and they are bringing a new format to Switzerland for the first time, the Freestyle of Nations!

We preview the first FMX competition on European soil with some legends joining me on this special episode to talk about the three teams going head to head, with Team Germany vs. France vs. Spain.

And some legends of the sport will be there, and also joined for this preview episode.

  • Team France’s David Rinaldo is the 2013 World Champion and 2019 X Games Best Trick Gold medallist!
  • Team Spain’s Edgar Torronteras is the OG and Legend of FMX!  He started the sport, before it was even a sport! And he has X Games Gold!
  • Team Germany’s Kai Haase who is the genuine all-rounder on two wheels, competing in every discipline he can!  And the Nose-Bonk Front Flip innovator. 

Freestyle of Nations is a different concept of FMX, bringing together 3 riders per team to throw down in a variety of disciplines to find out who is the best Freestyle Motocrossing country in the world.

  • Each rider will throw out their best 90 second run
  • As a team, the riders then compete in:
    • Best Whip
    • Synchro Comp
    • Best Trick
    • Featuring Freestyle MTB in Best Trick also!

Rider Invite list:

  • Team France:
  1. David Rinaldo
  2. Remi Bizouard
  3. Maxime Gregoire
  • Team Spain
  1. Maikel Melero
  2. Edgar Torronteras
  3. Marc Pinyol
  • Team Germany
  1. Luc Ackermann
  2. Hannes Ackermann
  3. Kai Haase

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