To say it feels incredible to see events happening again would be an understatement.  To hear the cheering of the ecstatic Swiss crowd at NIGHT of the JUMPs in September was unbelievable and to witness the elation from the actual FMX and MTB riders who threw down on the night was even more impressive.

It was an emotional event, with some riders doing their first event back since Covid-19 cut short the 2020 season after only one event.

With 3 teams going head to head, Germany vs France vs Spain at the Swiss border city of Basel, it was unreal to see the big names of FMX competing together in a team and taking on their arch-rivals.

But really, this one event signalled something else.  This was the return of events coming back.  While we’re not full gas and doing events everywhere around the world yet, it sets a precedent of how events can be handled in a Covid-19 safe way and hope to see more in the very near future!

We wrap up the event, the scores and answer the question of why a Czech rider ended up on the German team.

Also joining on this podcast is Marc Pinyol from Team Spain and the Swiss local, Lucas Huppert who was also drafted to join Team Spain as their MTB Best Trick pick in this new format.

Freestyle Motocross Run 1

1. Team Spain – Marc Pinyol 51 Points
2. Team Germany – Matej Cesak 46 Points
3. Team France – Maxime Gregoire 32 Points

Whip Contest

1. Team Germany – Matej Cesak 100 Points
2. Team Spain – Edgar Torronteras 80 Points
3. Team France – David Rinaldo 60 Points

Freestyle Motocross Run 2

1. Team France – Remi Bizouard  48 Points
2. Team Germany – Kai Haase 45 Points
3. Team Spain – Edgar Torronteras 41 Points

Synchro Contest

1. Team Germany – Haase/Cesak 100 Points
2. Team France – Rinaldo/Bizouard  80 Points
3. Team Spain – Melero/Pinyol  60 Points

Freestyle Motocross Run 3

1. Team Germany – Luc Ackermann 70 Points
2. Team Spain – Maikel Melero 61 Points
3. Team France – David Rinaldo  52 Points

Best Trick

1. Team Germany – Luc Ackermann = 96 Points
1. Team Germany – Nico Scholze  70 Points

2. Team France – David Rinaldo  85 Points
2. Team France – David Godziek  80 Points

3. Team Spain – Maikel Melero  78 Points
3. Team Spain – Lucas Huppert  85 Points


1. Team Germany  527 Points

2. Team Spain  456 Points

3. Team France  437 Points

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