One of the pioneers of Freestyle Motocross, Doug Parsons has not only helped push the sport through his riding prowess and time in the hills.

But Parsons was an integral part in evolving the sport with the first ever Quarter Pipe build which is now a huge draw card for X Games at the moment. However, building ramps is only a small part of the story.

Doug Parsons was behind the huge ‘Ride to the Hills’ video competition series in the early 2000’s and has even picked up an EMMY Award, for his work on the 2016 FMX Documentary Film, Unchained. As a kid, coming home from school and having the biggest names in Motocross and Supercross just parked in his back yard and riding in Reche Canyon, Parsons has been involved in MX/SX/FMX pretty much his entire life.

I tried not to fan-boi this one too much, as I have grown up watching Parsons and it was definitely cool to get his take on the sport from the start until now. There is so much gold in this episode, you won’t want to stop, just like me!

You can find Doug on Instagram here: To tune in to his own Podcast on all things Moto at The Moto X Show:

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