It’s time for the big one!  Best Trick is the event we wait for every year to see what everyone has been working on, and after last years hiatus, I think it’s fair to assume everyone was really looking forward to this event since the guys had effectively 2 years to hone their tricks!

And it looked like only David Rinaldo was willing to bring something completely new to the game with his new body varial, called the Bobby Spin, which is dedicated to his friend Francky Bataille.

But it was Rob Adelberg’s No Handed Front Flip which won the competition, with David taking silver and Harry Bink in 3rd spot with his new Double Backflip 1 Hand Nac.

Very controversial it would seem, and we have 8 different opinions in this episode and I can’t thank the guys for joining enough because this was harder to pick than a dirty nose! Thanks Clint Esposito, Antonio Navas, Javier Villegas Andy Christie, FMX_Grizz, Kevin Peterson, DannyDwayne416

But what made this years event so difficult?  Tune in to find out!


  1. Rob Adelberg 93.33
  2. David Rinaldo 91.66
  3. Harry Bink 90.33
  4. Josh Sheehan 87.33
  5. Jackson Strong 74.00
  6. Jayo Archer 47.33


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