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Nate Adams – Deft Family & Life after FMX

Nate Adams won everything there is to win in Freestyle Motocross, and at the same time he was focused 100% on FMX progression, he began a glove-only brand called Deft Family which was revolutionary at the time.

We catch up with ‘The Destroyer’ to find out how he was able to continue to be the man to beat at the top of his sport, while learning all new skills in business, marketing, logistics and trying to get the feel out of his glove that he had striven for in the beginning.

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Nathan Brown – Nitro, Crusty’s and Mental Health

We go deep into Industry Insider territory on this latest episode with the Chief Energy Officer of Nitro Circus Live and one-half of the ‘Skip This Podcast’ duo, Nathan Brown.

There’s so much ground to cover in this episode from the Metal Mulisha vs Crusty Demons days of 2005 to the Crusty Demons vs Nitro Circus Live battleground in 2009, Nitro taking over the world into the Mental Health and the very private and very real struggle and how he came out the other end with a new platform to help not only himself, but also many others with the podcast focusing on Mental Health in the Action Sports arena.

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Jason Ryan – Rewriting FMX and BMX history!

Jason Ryan is currently producing one hell of a documentary called “Out of the Loop : The Jose Yanez Documentary” which will re-write Action Sports history, detailing the story of the first ever back flip on a motorcycle which was landed by BMX Pro rider, Jose Yanez in 1991.

If you haven’t heard the name Jose Yanez before, you’re like most of us who had not either.  9 years before Carey Hart launched his CR250 upside down at Gravity Games, Jose had already landed a motorcycle flip on his RM80 with very little recognition at all.

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Pat Bowden – Send it

As one of Australia’s best Freestyle Motocross exports, and with many more years left up his sleeve, I think you’re about to get an insight into the mind of someone who’s on the edge of FMX greatness. 

While he has had some big wins like at the Nitro World Games a couple of years ago, and having a trick list longer than your arm and certainly more than he can fill his bar pad with, Pat unfortunately has some bad luck has come his way on more than one occasion, but the true sign of a champion is getting back up and carrying on. And it seems like nothing is really getting in Pat’s way on his path to the top.

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Javier Villegas – A one year break…

I feel like Covid-19 has been the rehearsal for a lot of athletes, in any sport, to show them what their lives will look like after they make the decision to retire.

So here we are, 1 year on since the last major event, and Javier Villegas is one of many riders who has found himself wondering what in the world he’s going to do until we can all go back to doing what we want with freedom of travel, riding dirt bikes and having fun!

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Fred Kyrillos – Newly crowned 5-time Brazilian FMX Champ!

All new Podcast with the man who just picked up his 5th Brazilian FMX Championship, all the way from Sao Paolo in Brazil, it’s Fred Kyrillos.

While we still are in a holding pattern of no events, I’m stoked Fred was able to put the tools down and jump on for a chat to talk about the latest competition, how it felt to ride in the middle of Covid without a crowd and to stand on top of the box again, in a country with such a deep pool of talent in FMX.