Something funny happened. Actually had the email 2 weeks ago and I didn’t even bother opening it.

The Riders Lounge Podcast has been shortlisted into the Top 8 for the Best Urban & Adventure Podcast on the Sports Podcast Awards!

Thank you to everyone who has listened to the podcast over the past almost 2 years that it would even be considered to be in any podcast award.  Maybe it’s there because there were no others in the category.  Whatever the reason, I’m actually pretty humbled and stoked that FMX is up against the other podcasts producers like Red Bull. 

Now I couldn’t really care less if I win or not, but, it would be pretty cool for this little project to rival the behemoth of Red Bull.

So as I would never click through to vote on things, I really don’t expect anyone here to vote either.  But, if you really do have the urge to throw us a bone, it would actually be quite cool to see FMX rattling the cages of the other sports on the list.

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