With a heavy heart, we received the news that Alex Harvill who was attempting to break the World Long Distance Record jump on a Motorcycle, has unfortunately passed away during training at the Moses Lake Airshow on Thursday, 17th June 2021.

It is heartbreaking news to hear that while he was in search of breaking barriers and pushing himself and the sport into new territory, that he unfortunately came up short.

But most devastatingly of all, he leaves behind his young family and also the loss for his friends and family.

I was really excited to catch up with him before the jump for an interview but due to the schedule decided to talk about it after. And I can’t believe that day will never come.

Alex already had the world record for the longest dirt to dirt jump at 297.5ft in Richland, WA, USA on July 6th, 2013.

Alex also flew further than anyone with the huge 425ft jump in 2012.

I think it best to simply pay tribute to a rider who lived for dirt bikes, and you can watch some of his best videos below.

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