After a two-year break forced by COVID-19, this weekend the emotions of the X-Knights returned to the “jewel” of La Sabana.

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Close to 40,000 fans experienced up close the emotions and tricks of the riders in the FMX and BMX modalities.

Six riders on motorcycles and five on bikes managed to win over the public by offering a world-class event.

The German Luc Ackermann managed to be crowned champion in the FMX modality , he does it for the second time after having also won in 2019.

The final was played by the young German together with the Australian Josh Sheehan and the Japanese Taka Higashino.

In BMX, the young Englishman Kieran Reilly stood out with his debut and victory , who obtained outstanding scores from the previous qualifying rounds. Second place went to Costa Rican Kenneth Tencio, who made a small mistake in the final round that took away important points.

For the first time, the event had “airbag landings”, which eliminated the use of land on the circuit , in addition, the risk decreases for the pilots and it does not depend so much on the weather.

  1. Luc Ackermann GER 91 points
  2. Josh Sheehan FROM 90 points
  3. Taka Higashino JAP 88 points
  4. Filip Podmol CZE 80 points
  5. Maikel Melero ESP 70 points
  6. David Rinaldo FRA 69 points
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