Test, test. 1..2..3

I have always kept the full podcast as Audio-only on all Podcast Platforms, simply because making it into a YouTube video is way too much work.

And I would say that was proven correct, but I really hope you enjoy the fact I had a full LiveStream from NIGHT of the JUMPs that I could cut and paste over the top of the event review podcast.

Freestyle of Nations in Basel was one hell of an event, it was unreal to return after 18 months and you could see all the riders were so damn pumped just to ride. And the fans were so loud they nearly blew the top off the St. Jakobshalle in Switzerland!

Let me know if you normally listen to Podcasts on YouTube and you would like to see more of this?

Would Audio-Only be OK if it just had a single image, so you can play on your mobile devices?

Any comments are very much appreciated, as I would would like to know if I continue trying to do this into the future as it really is a lot of work!

If you want to listen to the podcast normally, then check out these platforms here:

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